​  My name is Shannon Comstock and I will be​ overseeing my family's vitamin supplement sales at our new website, FullOLifeFoods.com, while  majoring in astrophysics at a nearby university. 

  For almost 60 years, Full O' Life Natural Foods Market and Restaurant has been an institution in the greater Los Angeles area.  My grandparents, Edward “Barney” Matheson and Kathryn Matheson opened Full O'Life Natural Foods Market and Restaurant in 1959.
  My mother, Patti (General Manager) and my father, Clint

(a retired naturopathic physician) have more than 60 years of combined experience managing the Full O' Life supplement department. (In  August of 2014, we were all at a loss for words when my mother passed away from complications of hereditary hemochromatosis.)  I am dedicating this website and our new online presence to my grandparents, Edward "Barney" Matheson and Kathryn Matheson and to my loving Mom, Patti Matheson Comstock.

   We will continue to offer our high quality nutritional and herbal supplements through our new website, FullOLifeFoods.com.
  If you are interested in purchasing the same premium quality supplements through this website that have been available at our store for many years, please contact us. 
  Your continued support of our family owned and operated business would be greatly appreciated and will help me with my college education.
Thank you for your continued support.


Shannon Comstock

(310) 281-8538


More than 59 years ago, Edward “Barney” Matheson and his wife, Kay Matheson began their pioneering work in the natural foods industry.
  Their goal was to make available to the public a complete state of the art nutrition center. In June of 1959, they opened Full O' Life Natural Foods Market and Restaurant. It was one of the first modern, up-to-the-minute natural food centers in the west.
  The market offered the largest selection of healthy, natural foods, naturally produced dairy products and organically grown meats, high quality supplements and miscellaneous personal care products. Full O' Life's produce aisle featured fresh organically-grown fruits and vegetables that were brought in daily from organic farms throughout Southern California.
  The Matheson family became quite well known in the  natural foods business and brought to the residents of Burbank and other nearby cities the first operation of its kind.

  Unfortunately, Full O' Life closed it's doors on September 21, 2018. It was a difficult day for the family, as well as the community.
  Today, the Full O' Life legacy lives on with our new website, where we will continue to offer the same high quality supplements that we have offered in the past.
  Thank you for your continued support over the years. Without your support, Full O' Life would not have become the Burbank institution that it is today.

​Thank you!